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Frequently asked questions

The program Weegree Reseller gives you a chance to receive the commissions for recommending our services to the customer. If you have any information about the companies increasing employment or firms dissatisfied with the services of the current employment agencies, please inform our coordinator. Starting the collaboration with the recommended client gives you commission. Your job requires a minimum of involvement , all it takes is current and valuable information.
In Weegree we specialize in employee leasing. We implement projects in areas such as: construction, industry, transport and logistics in Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
We recruit workers from Poland, Ukraine and Romania.

Just contact us through the contact form, email or phone. The chosen partners/resellers will be invited to Opole city (at our expenses) for 1 day of training, in order to learn more about our company, business strategy and working specifications.

The amount of the commission depends on the recommended customer location (country). It’s a percentage of the net revenue from recommended company. The most efficient resellers earn more than 2,000 euro per month with minimum effort at the stage of contact. Later, every month they receive from us an adequate remuneration.

You need to have the willingness, the actual information and a network of contacts to effectively recommend the services of our company and receive a commission in return.

About Weegree

Weegree is a company operating in the areas of employment outsourcing, information technology and HR consulting. For over 10 years we have been cooperating with our clients from Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. Reliability, high quality and individual approach to each project are our biggest assets. Many years of experience allow us to understand the needs of the market and build the long-term relationships.

We advise, create and offer the management services. It means that you may give us any tasks even those with high requirements. Weegree focuses on people, because thanks to their potential we may expand and develop.

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